Who We Are

Cornerstone is a loving family of believers who take God at His Word.  Jesus gave us the command to love one another.  We place a great deal of importance on sharing His love with everyone we meet. That includes strangers, friends, and our family inside and outside of Cornerstone.  We strive to live our faith, not just talk about it.  Being genuine and real is who we are.

Core Values

Our four corners make up the core of our values and ministry goals.  We want to be an example of a fully alive and functioning church of Jesus Christ.

Grace and Truth: Jesus is our supreme example of what it means to touch people with grace and truth. If it is important to Jesus, it is important to Cornerstone.  If the head of the church, Jesus Christ, was a man full of grace and truth, wouldn’t it make sense that His body also was full of grace and truth? Jesus was 100% grace and 100% truth. Cornerstone must exhibit that grace and truth to the extent that Jesus did!

Spirit-Filled: Cornerstone firmly believes that the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit is for every believer who desires it! We like to say it is the “carbonation” of the believer!  The Holy Spirit brings the daily freshness and “fizz” and makes our ordinary lives extraordinary!

Family: Jesus took the disciples on a relationship journey by sharing His life with them. Not only did they do ministry together, they shared meals together, traveled together and even took vacations together. Cornerstone is a family that understands how important it is to love, serve and motivate another.

Community: Most of Jesus’ ministry was outside of the temple and so Cornerstone understands that we must reach beyond the walls of our church building into the lives of our community. We practice what Jeremiah said, “And work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you….. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.” We love Rowlett and the surrounding communities!

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